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Class Descriptions

We are currently enrolling for our Main 2016/2017 Session, which began Monday, September 12th and continues through June 10th. Classes are available in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hip, Tumbling, Lyrical/Contemporary, Stretch and Conditioning, Preschool Dance, Mommy & Me Classes, various youth performance team classes, and more. Classes are available for ages 2 through adult, beginner through advanced. Please see the Schedule of Classes for all the class offerings. Below are brief descriptions of some of the various dance classes offered.

Preschool dance is a 30-minute class focusing on basic movement and dance skills to develop coordination, balance, musicality, timing, and flexibility. Beginning ballet technique is also introduced in this class and students are taught proper technique and basic vocabulary and even do some introductory barre work. Most of the music used in Preschool Dance is fun, upbeat children's music, although some great classical music is also incorporated. Even with students this young, we focus on proper technique and execution while having a great time moving to music.

Ballet is the technical foundation of most other dance genres, and we like to encourage our students to study ballet in addition to their other dance classes. Since ballet class provides such a strong technical framework, we encourage children who are new to dance to start with ballet before adding tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc. Our ballet classes stress proper technique at the barre and center floor, with an emphasis on correct body placement, strength, and flexibility. Students learn not only correct technique, but also correct terminology. We teach classical ballet, based on the Cecchetti method with some Vaganova influence.

Tap is all about rhythm, footwork, and taking dance beyond the visual to the auditory, using your feet as a percussive "instrument" to create sounds as you dance. Key elements in tap class are timing, rhythm, and musicality, and a variety of music is used, although at times we dance a cappella (with no musical accompaniment) to better hear the sounds we are making with our feet. We incorporate various tap styles into our tap classes, including Broadway tap and Rhythm tap.

Hip-Hop is a form of street dance, featuring popping and locking, body isolations, and current popular moves. It is related to Jazz, but with a less technical foundation and more of a freestyle feel. Hip-hop music, pop music, and rap music are used in class, and we are diligent about making sure the lyrics and movements are "clean." Our hip-hop classes cover a range of hip-hop styles, including East Coast, West Coast, Jazz Funk, and Krumping, with a little classic jazz thrown in to strengthen technique.

Lyrical/Contemporary is a ballet-based dance genre with an emphasis on balance, control, and extension. It is expressive, emotional, and interpretive, and the name "lyrical" comes from the word "lyric" since this dance form is about expressing the lyrics and emotion of the music. Lyrical dance, sometimes called Contemporary, sometimes called Lyrical/Contemporary, has influences from Modern Dance, Jazz, and Ballet. Because Lyrical/Contemporary is technical in nature with a strong ballet foundation, students are required to have prior ballet training.

Tumbling focuses on acrobatics that are floor-based (rather than gymnastics with full apparatus such as bars, vault, pommel horse, etc.) In tumbling class, skills such as rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, and hand springs are covered. Our tumbling classes utilize mat work, mini-trampoline work, and low balance beam work, with the goal of developing proper technique to apply to the tumbling skills covered in class. Students work toward individualized goals to master skills at the appropriate level for their development.

Stretch and Conditioning Class will help you tone and stretch your muscles, improve balance and become aware of postural habits. The aim of this class is to increase flexibility and functional mobility. Strength exercise are added to ensure that the proper control accompanies flexibility. A variety of stretching and conditioning techniques are used.

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If you have any questions about classes, please e-mail us at info@cincinnatidance.com or call the studio at 521-8462.